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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

This is a form of healing used to help remove blockages in your body where evergy gets blocked and stagnates, which causes you to feel unwell. It relaxes and recharges you, leaving you feeling better with an overall sense of wellbeing.

We have 7 energy centers in our body called chakras, the chakra system symbolises the wholeness of mind, body and spirit and is the network through which they interact.
They are focal points for our life energy that provide a gateway to access our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies.

When we are unwell these energy centers get blocked, by placing hands, crystals or colours on or above these centers it can help release any blockages enabling you to feel better in yourself.

Blockages can be created by our thoughts which creates a physical symptom.

These energy centers relate to specific areas of your body, and either negative or positive effects according to whether they are blocked or not.

If you have been emotional or mentally drained, tired or phsically exhaused and have been prone to illness or infections then  a Reiki Healing Treatment will be very beneficial to you.

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