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Meditation Groups

Meditation / Spiritual Development Groups

We all lead such busy and sometimes stressful life's that it can lead to ill health.

Meditation helps us relax and connect to our intuition or higher self, it is a worthwhile activity that can enhance our life with greater wisdom and understanding.

It enables us to be more in tune with ourselves enabling us to have more insight to why we are here and what are life's purpose is, and what we should be doing with our life's and where we should be focused and heading towards.

It helps us be more aware of what we are feeling at any given moment therefore letting us know when things dont feel right when making important decisions.

I have found over the years not only have I achieved this but you also meet like-minded people who can end up as good friends, it is also a good way to socialise on a regular basis.

Spiritual development is really the next stage on it helps you connect to all that is, The Universe.
You can enhance with practice your psychic abilities, and you can get to be aware and know your guides or guardian angels.
Our guides are around us all even though not all of us belief or are aware of them, they are there and if we ask for guidance or assistant they will reach you through your:
Thoughts and ideas ( claircognisance)
Our feelings ( clairsentenance)
what we hear (clairaudiance)
what we see ( clairvoyance).

Through a variety of exercises you will become more psychic, but you will also have fun learning the different ways to be more in tune with yourself.

If you are interested then give me a call Paula 07988806853