Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading
From £15.00
1 Hour

Embark on a spiritual journey with our Angel & Wellbeing Card Reading service at Angelic Healing Therapies. Let Paula, our intuitive holistic therapist, guide you through a unique experience of receiving positive and uplifting messages from your guardian angels, family, and friends. Paula's psychic and clairvoyant abilities create a sacred space, allowing you to connect with divine energies. Each session provides insights that inspire hope and confidence about your future. Trust in the wisdom of the cards as they unveil a path towards spiritual enlightenment and self-assurance.

Dive into the ethereal realm and embrace the profound connection that Angel & Wellbeing Card Reading offers. Paula's intuitive guidance is a beacon of light, illuminating your journey of self-discovery. This transformative experience is designed to uplift your spirit and instil a sense of clarity and purpose. Allow the celestial messages to resonate with your soul, guiding you towards a future filled with positivity and confidence.

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