Chakra Rug

Chakra Rug

Chakra Rug
1.50 x 0.75 CM

Transform your living or meditation space with our chakra rug at Angelic Healing Therapies. Selected with care by Paula, our dedicated holistic therapist, these rugs harmonise comfort and design, creating a visually appealing foundation for your sacred space. Measuring 1.50 x 0.75 metres, these rugs bring the energy-aligning aesthetics of chakras to your home.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil energy of our Chakra Rug as you enhance the ambience of your space. Each rug is adorned with chakra-inspired designs, offering a visual representation of the energy centres within your body. Crafted for both comfort and aesthetic appeal, these rugs provide a grounding foundation for your meditation or relaxation area.

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